What features of ‘Willow Tree and Olive’ make it worthy to study Essay Sample

‘Willow Tree and Olive’ is a post- modernist novel by Irini Savvedes. The narrative presents a period of a immature girl’s life during which we see her discover and accept things about herself by retrieving things from her yesteryear that she has tried to bury.

Olive is a adolescent miss in her last twelvemonth of school seeking to acquire through the troubles that come with adolescence: adjustment into school. her household and her civilization. A talker who comes to her school triggers something in Olive’s memory as she talks about kid maltreatment. Olive is retrieving that she was raped as a kid. something she ne’er told anyone and forced herself to bury. Gradually more and more memories about the event come back to Olive and she breaks down. She sees a head-shrinker for a few months and is so sent to Greece. her fatherland and the topographic point where she was raped. We see the phases of her rehabilitation and her transmutation into a adult female while she is Greece.

One of the chief subjects in this book is Olive’s arrested development with her civilization. At points during the book she talks of her Grecian heritage as if she either loves it or hates it. this emotion is a singing pendulum that alternates depending on which traditional event she’s stating us about. It makes her look different to the other misss at school who find her dark hair and tegument. her hairy ( non to advert tall and wide shouldered ) organic structure something to roast. She doesn’t like her family’s general outlook that she will happen a Grecian adult male and have a immense nuptials with tonss of apricot taffeta. Olive does. nevertheless. love the history. myths and scenery of her state.

Her frame of head refering her civilization frequently varies and we see many diverse aspects of her personality commixture to make the attitude at that peculiar clip. Her Grecian heritage is an of import portion of the healing procedure. and is hence an of import subject in the book. conveying up the topic of multiculturalism in the schoolroom. We are so able to discourse the topics of the thaw pot vs. the salad bowl and how different civilizations fit into society.

Rape and maltreatment are evidently some of import subjects in the novel and we learn about the reactions victims have afterwards and the phases they go through for recovery. There are happenings that are rather vividly of import to Olive’s recovery: retrieving the maltreatment. regressing back to the kid she was when it happened. recognizing that she was the victim of colza. gaining she was the victim. traveling to Greece to see the topographic point where it happened. and run uping the olive seeds. Coming to footings with the colza was a long. difficult and emotional ordeal for Olive. but we see the strength in her and a human’s capacity for emotion. She could non hold gotten through the recovery if it hadn’t besides been for some supportive characters: Kerry. her best friend ; Paras and Xino. the people she stays with while in Greece ; Sappho. the sapphic poet she learns approximately ; and Ms Cavanough. Olive’s English instructor.

The manner the book is written in is extremely effectual for the narrative. It is broken into normal narrative manner from Olive’s and several other character’s points of position. pieces of poesy and authorship by Olive. and vocals and verse forms depicting Olive’s feelings. It is. you could state. fragmented. as a mosaic is. A mosaic is a piece of art made form tonss of small pieces of a image and set together to do a beautiful image picturing all the creative person wants it to ; in this instance. it is a dramatic portrayal of the journey of a immature miss traveling through adversities that no 1 should hold to digest. but coming through as a better individual for it. I can so venture to compare this novel to another piece of art created from fragments. It is far from your conventional text with a beginning. center and terminal.

There are a broad assortment of symbols used in this text to foreground some of the major points in the narrative. such as when Olive cuts her hair- she is seeking to cut off the portion of herself that remembers the maltreatment. the portion that it belongs to. She thinks that by cutting her hair she can alleviate the load and experience clean once more. ‘K Bear’ is the stuffed bear that Kerry buys for Olive when she finds out what had happened to her friend. K Bear is the lone thing that Olive can speak to and trust and for a piece she depends on holding him at that place. He symbolises Olive’s desire to be a kid once more. to be guiltless and pure and protected ; the willow tree depicts Olive herself. acquiring ill but merely being able to mend if it helps itself ; the mountain Olive can see organize her window is someplace she ever wanted to walk to. and although she gets closer and closer every twenty-four hours she can’t seem to acquire at that place yet. It portrays Olive’s recovery and how she’s acquiring one measure closer every twenty-four hours.

The olive seeds are a symbol of the concluding stage of Olive’s recovery. She is seting these seeds in the hope that they will turn. flourish and bear fruit. merely as she wishes to make. The ‘sausage feeling’ besides shows that Olive is quashing her feelings and gets a tight. uncomfortable esthesis when she’s around tonss of people. When she no longer gets the ‘sausage feeling’ we know that Olive is acquiring better.

‘Willow Tree and Olive’ is a important novel because it explores issues of individuality and cultural heritage and will appeal to many readers. particularly immature adult females. The subjects the narrative investigates are: cultural heritage. societal category and its barriers. friendly relationship. relationships. individuality. gender. self-discovery. childhood. endurance. strength and reincarnation. Its unusual manner and intense subjects make it extremely valuable for a pupil to analyze.

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