What is an American Essay

At the centre of this class is the inquiry of “identity. ” Not merely will we be speaking about American Identity in general. but our class will frequently concentrate in on the struggle between what society expects versus single individuality and single look. In “Letter III: What is an American. ” Crevecoeur asks the inquiry and provides this reply:

What so is the American. this new adult male? He is either a European. or the descendent of a European. hence that unusual mixture of blood. which you will happen in no other state. He is an American. who. go forthing behind him all his antediluvian biass and manners. receives new 1s from the new manner of life he has embraced. the new authorities he obeys. and the new rank he holds. He becomes an American by being received in the wide lap of our great Alma Mater. Here persons of all states are melted into a new race of work forces. Americans are the western pilgrims. . . . The American is a new adult male. who acts upon new rules ; he must therefore entertain new thoughts. and organize new sentiments. From nonvoluntary idling. servile dependance. indigence. and useless labour. he has passed to labors of a really different nature. rewarded by ample subsistence—This is an American. ( Crevecoeur. 2008. p. 312-313 ) .

Using texts from the first two seminars. compose an essay that explores that cardinal thought of the American as a “new man” who reshapes himself in response to the environment. Tied up in this thought is that stepping off from conforming to tradition on one manus and conforming to a new set of criterions on the other. In your first paper. you’ll be analysing a specific author’s work in visible radiation of that thought of how the American is a “new human” .

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