William Blake Poetry Themes Essay Sample

The usage of kids is a outstanding subject in William Blake’s poems. He sees the universe through the eyes of a kid and embraces the artlessness of the immature. He illustrates this manner in verse forms such as “the lamb” . “the small black boy” . and “the chimney sweeper” .

The lamb truly illustrates the artlessness and pureness of a immature kid. The boy inquiries the lamb as to where it came from and he expects the lamb to reply back. but it is obvious to the reader that the lamb can non speak. As the male child receives no reply. he decides to state the lamb where he came from “Little lamb. I’ll Tell thee” . This state of affairs truly shows the child’s artlessness. The lamb is subsequently referred to as Jesus. as the Lamb of God. The kid says that the lamb. the kid and Jesus are all the same. “He became a small kid. I. a kid. and thou a lamb” . What he does non understand. as he is an guiltless kid. is that the lamb will be sacrificed and that the kid will decease. merely like Jesus did when he was sacrificed.

Another verse form that illustrates the artlessness of kids is “The small black boy” . The small male child has been told that being white is better than being black. Even though he is black on the exterior. he believes he has the psyche values as those of a white kid. He thinks that white kids are like angels and black 1s are black because they are deprived of the visible radiation. as is shown in the line “And I’ am black. but O! my psyche is white ; white as an angel is the English kid. but I’ am. as if bereav’d of light” . The female parent tries to comfort her boy by stating him that he is traveling to confront a hard life but one time he makes it though. God would take him to heaven “And we are put on Earth a small infinite. that we learn to bear the beams of love ; and these black organic structures and this sunburned face is but a cloud. and like a shavy grove” . The male child envisions the twenty-four hours that he and the white male child will be brought to heaven. He believes that one time he is in Eden he will no longer be been by the colour of his tegument. However. he thinks he won’t be loved until he is like person else. “I’ll shade him from the heat. until he can bear to tilt in joy upon our father’s articulatio genus ; and so I’ll base and stroke his Ag hair. and be like him. and he will them love me” .

The other verse form. which shows the artlessness of the kids. is “The chimney sweeper” . The chimneysweeper had had experience in concern for some clip. He tries to rede another chimneysweeper called Dacre. The chimney sweeper tells Tom that his hair can non be ruined if his hair it is shaved and that it is nil to shout about because it is portion of the occupation. ” There’s small Tom Dacre. who cried when his caput. that curl’d like a lamb’s back. was shav’d: so I said Hush. Tom! Never mind it. for when your head’s bare you know that the carbon black can non botch your white hair” . Tom dreams that “thousands of sweepers. Dick. Joe. Ned and Jack. were all of them lock’d up in caskets of black” . Here. the caskets are used to stand for the chimneys that the small male child have to wobble through.

The angel that comes to salvage the male childs is the angel of decease. He sets them free because they are traveling to heaven. ” And by came an angel who had a bright key. and he open’d the caskets and put them all free” . “And the angel told Tom. if he’d be a good male child. he’d had god for his male parent. and ne’er want joy” . This is of import because the children’s male parent sold them into the chimney brushing concern. So to Tom. holding God as a male parent is something fantastic and to travel to heaven is every bit shocking to him. ” So if all do their responsibility they need non fear harm” . This line is really dry because that is what the small boy thinks. The kids do non cognize that they will decease immature of an unpleasant decease because of this occupation. By this Blake illustrates how he sees the universe through the eyes of a kid.

There is a difference between the chimneysweeper from vocals of experience and the chimneysweeper from vocals of artlessness. The first 1. has a storyteller in it oppugning the immature chimney sweeper “where are thy female parent and male parent? ” . The immature kid tells him that his parents have gone to church to pray and fault them and society for his present place in life. ” Because I’ am non happy and dance and sing. they think they have done me no hurt and are gone to praise God and his priest and male monarch. who make up a Eden of our misery” . On the other manus. the immature male child in the chimneysweeper from vocal of artlessness realizes that he is traveling to decease and that this is incorrect. He blames God. his parents. and society for allowing this happen to him. In this instance Blake is still seeing the universe through the eyes of a kid. but in a more mature and experienced point of position.

To reason. Blake’s poems contain images of kids and depict kids as inexperienced person and naive. Blake decidedly sees the universe through the eyes of a kid an this is shown throughout his poesy.

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