American Values

American Values
1. What values connect us as AmericansThe Values that connect us as Americans are personal achievement because everyone wants/likes to brag about themselves, personal achievement is just that, it’s how we make conversation. However we are also connected by morality and humanitarianism. People tend to view the word in a matter of right and wrong this helps us as Americans work together, and in order to for all of society to work together we have to try and keep the playing field level that is where humanitarianism comes in. As Americans we have to help out those less fortunate to allow everyone to work together and function as a whole.
2. What does America stand forAmerica stands for equality, democracy, and freedom. When you think about America you think about our government. America is all about everyone being treaded equal without having one group being more important than the others. This is then transferred to our government, democracy. We have the power to choose how our county is ran and what rights we need. The rights that we need are our freedoms, which are important to every American.
3. What value(s) discussed in our book do you agree with the most and whyThe values from the book that I most agree with are individualism and work. I believe that it is necessary to help those in need to keep America functioning as a whole. However, I believe that it is more important to work hard and succeed on your own, there isn’t always going to be someone there to pick up the pieces. You have to be able to make it all own your own.
4. Do you feel that our society has lost its values? (Why or Why not)
I feel that our society has not lost its values, I just feel that our society has put too much emphasis on some and not enough emphasis on others. I truly think that Americans put too much emphasis on morality and humanitarianism and not enough on individualism and work. I know I probably sound heartless and cruel but I feel like we…

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