emotional intelligence

Does a project manager empathy affect the project
No doubt having an understanding and a caring to a certain extent manager, can serve as a motive to increase the overall work performance and aid in achieving the best outcome when it comes to the human resource potential. As human a simple gesture and good will expressed by peers in a workplace could drive for an increase in the outcome, so imagine if it was from a superior as in a manager. Leaders and followers according to Bennis (2009) are two sides of the same coin in which Bennis (2009) said that the ability to attract and inspire followers is one of the main components of being a leader. Everyone answers for a higher authority and thrives to be a source of authority. According to Goteye et al (2012) it was found that the positive attitude of the leader in a workplace has lead to a boost in the team work and outcome, while the negative attitude of the leader hindered the effort and effectivity of the team, for example a study done by Thiel et al (2012) showed that leaders that show pessimism and anger in stressful situations are rated by their followers as less effective, a well respected leader should have the ability to control his emotions. Another study also that was conducted by Conelly and Ruark (2010) agrees with the above notion and that an effective leader is the one who can show positive emotional display such as challenge, pride and responsibility were considered successful by their followers.Leadership being one of the three aspects of PMI talent triangle assures the huge impact such position holds in playing a dominant and vital role in the progress and finalization of a project. The traits that are required for a leader to have varies and is a long list to be counted in the first place from being smart and energetic to being informative but lately the debate arouse to the point to overthrow the typical characteristics to add emotional intelligence and empathy being one of its five…

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